Sahu City Accessibility

Your new address located in Sultanpur road says a lot about the excellent road connectivity. You will be in proximity to various landmarks. You will also enjoy the smooth travel experience with easy access to other parts of the city and beyond.

Location Advantages

  • Sahu City is located at Sultanpur road, which is further connected to Kisan path, Ring road, International cricket stadium, sports training centre, and national highway
  • The complex is approximately 14 km from the airport and 16 km from Charbagh railway station
  • It is just 2.5 km from IT city (Chal Ganjaria) and 8 km from the International cricket stadium
  • Ansal Sushant Golf City is located at a distance of 500 m and Amul Plant at 2.5 km
  • Reaching Bakkas railway station and Gomti Nagar only takes a travel distance of 2 km and 6 km respectively